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There are many ways to carry out Allergy Testing.

At Complete Wellbeing we specialise in Natural Allergy Testing using Muscle Response Testing, also known as Applied Kinesiology or Autonomic Response Testing.

This simple but effective method of allergy testing is non-invasive, effective and safe for people of all ages and levels of allergic response.

We understand that allergies are just one part of the picture when considering your health issues. Therefore, in addition to allergens we can assess your symptoms in relation to all the underlying causes. This incorporates allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, toxins, structural imbalances, emotional triggers, nutritional deficiencies and infections.

Generally we prefer to approach your allergy testing from the perspective of your symptoms.

Yes, we can test a whole range of allergens, however, many people come up with multiple allergens, most of which are insignificant in relation to their health concerns. It is then confusing as to which allergens to avoid. By assessing your symptoms we can provide advice to help you feel better now.


Why Natural Allergy Testing?

Your family doctor or naturopath can requisition blood allergy testing. This can provide a valuable guide, however, we do find that there can be a high level of antibodies in the blood and you do not react, or, conversely, the numbers may be low or zero but you have significant reactions.

The other approach used by doctors is a skin test. This involves scratching the skin to put a small amount of the allergen just under the surface or placing a small quantity of the allergen on your skin for a day or two. Both methods can provide helpful results, but again we find they provide false positives and false negatives.


What Allergens Can We Test For?

Using Muscle Testing / Applied Kinesiology allows us to test for a wide range of allergens.

Food Allergy Testing - this would include common allergens such as wheat, gluten, milk, lactose, eggs, yeast, soy, nuts etc. We can test the component parts of foods; sugars, proteins, oils, starches, food additives, minerals, vitamins etc. In addition we can test for individual fruits, nuts, grains, seafood, shellfish and much more. If there is something specific that you suspect to be causing issues we welcome you bringing a small amount for testing.

Environmental Allergens - dust, mould, pets, pollens, perfumes are among the most common. Other allergens may include household chemicals and cleaners, feathers, fabrics, latex, nickel, hair dye, tobacco smoke, fumes and exhausts and more. You can also bring in a sample of anything you suspect in your home, work or from outdoors and we can test that. 

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and Weather - Many people react to EMF such as cellphones, wifi, fluorescent lighting, smart meters and to weather patterns such as storm systems. It is also not unusual to react to heat or cold, or to sunshine.


How Does Natural Allergy Testing Work?

Our testing is based on the principles of Muscle Response Testing or Applied Kinesiology. Using a strong indicator muscle we expose your body to the energetic signature of a suspected allergen. The body will clearly indicate a response in the form of the muscle remaining strong or becoming less strong.

We do not expose you to the allergen itself, we use vials containing an energetic signature of the substance, so this process is safe even for severe or anaphylactic allergic reactions.

In the same way we can also determine if the body is unable to function optimally due to other issues such as nutritional deficiency, emotional or structural imbalance or infection.

We can test people of any age from newborn to seniors. Where the person cannot perform the testing themselves, for example, they are too young (generally under 5 years old), have joint issues, or are elderly or sick, a surrogate is used. This may be a parent, another adult or a sibling.

In this way we can also test pets and our clients include horses, cats and dogs.


How Long Is An Allergy Testing Consultation?

The first visit is an hour long. At the end of the allergy testing we will provide detailed information on what allergens came up. We also provide invaluable advice on what to avoid now, any recommended nutritional support, additional treatments which may include Natural Allergy Treatment, physical treatments or emotional / mental health help. If an underlying infection is discovered we can also advise you on ways to address that.


Is Natural Allergy Testing Covered on Insurance?

Unfortunately not. Health benefits and OHIP do not cover the testing.

You also do not need a doctor's referral.

Our Allergy Testing Team