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Our Prices

Please add HST to all prices except those for Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Osteopathy.

Cancellation Policy

We require 48hrs notice to cancel or reschedule appointments. We reserve the time just for you and many of our practitioners have a waiting list. Providing us with 48hrs notice allows us to offer the time to another client.

Whilst we do understand that life happens, where you are unable to provide this notice we reserve the right to charge you for the missed appointment. We may also require that you pay a deposit up to the full fee at the time of booking for any future appoints.

We thank you for understanding.


Price List

Acupuncture: Magda Leszczynska

Initial Consult (90min)  $135

Follow up Acupuncture (60min)  $75

Initial Facial Rejuvenation (90min)  $150

Follow up Facial (75min)  $130

Acupuncture: Dr. Stacia Kelly, Dr. Josh Kiely

See Chiropractic prices - Initial appointment required (treatment will be given during initial)

Acupuncture: Mark Andrawis, RMT

See Massage prices

Acupressure: Christine Hager

Initial Cupping and acupressure (45min)  $75

Follow up Cupping and acupressure (30min)  $55


Allergy Therapy: Sue Taylor, Christine Hager                                

Initial Consult and Testing (60min)  $135

Follow up treatment (20-30min)  $65


Chiropractic: Dr. Stacia Kelly, Dr. Josh Kiely

Initial Visit 45min with Dr Stacia Kelly  $97

Initial Visit 60min with Dr Joshua Kiely  $97

Initial: Student/Senior  $75

Adjustment 15min: Adult  $47

Adjustment 15min: Student/Senior  $40

Adjustment 15min: Child 0-10yrs  $18

Adjustment / Soft tissue work / Acu 30min: Adult $75

Adjustment/Acu 30min: Student/Senior  $55

Re-evaluation / Assessment with Dr Joshua Kiely 45min $87


Counselling and Psychotherapy: Martine Parent  

60min Session  $132.74

(Sliding scale applies, Virtual sessions only)


Craniosacral Therapy (RMT): Helene Letourneau, Pamela Semple

90min CranioSacral  $138

75min CranioSacral  $117

60min CranioSacral  $95

45min CranioSacral  $80


Cupping, Tui Na Massage and Gua Sha: Magda Leszczynska

Cupping / Tui Na / Gua Sha (60min)  $130

Cupping and Acupressure: Christine Hager

Initial Cupping and acupressure (45min)  $75

Follow up Cupping and acupressure (30min)  $55

Cupping: Jennifer Machado, RMT and Mark Andrawis, RMT

See massage prices


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): Laura Thomas

90min Session  $180


Energy Healing: Abrah Arneson

90min Session  $130

60min Session  $100

45min Session  $85

Energy Healing: Helene Letourneau

60min Session  $95

Energy Healing: Mark Andrawis

45min Session  $85

Energy Healing: Sue Taylor

60min Session  $110


Functional Medicine: Dominick Hussey

Initial assessment (60min)  $200 (Includes review of your intake form prior to visit)

45min Follow up  $120

20-30min Follow up  $80


Clinical Herbalism: Abrah Arneson

Initial 90min consult  $150

2hr Follow up  $150

90min Follow up  $120

60min Follow up  $90      

45min Follow up  $70

30min Follow up  $50

15min Follow up  $35

Hypnosis: Laura Thomas

90min Session  $180


Registered Massage: Dragan Lazetic, Helene Letourneau, Jennifer Machado, Matthew Saleh, Pamela Semple, Robbie Robertson

120min Massage  $180

90min Massage  $138

75min Massage  $117

60min Massage  $95

45min Massage  $80

Registered Massage: Mark Andrawis

75min Massage  $120

60min Massage  $105

30min Massage  $70


Individual Meditation: Abrah Arneson

60min Session  $90


Osteopathy: Traditional and Cranial

Florian Deverriere (SOCATO), Christiane Gschwender (NMOS)

60min Osteopathy  $130

45min Osteopathy  $105

30min Osteopathy  $70


60min Osteopathy  $105

45min Osteopathy  $70

Osteopathy: Traditional

Haythem Ayoub (ACMA)

60min Osteopathy  $100

30min Osteopathy  $65


Osteopathy: Dominick Hussey (OAO)

Initial 60min Osteopathy  $160

45min Osteopathy  $125

30min Osteopathy  $80

15min Osteopathy  $40


Pranic Healing: Robbie Robertson

60 min Session  $100


Reflexology: Dragan Lazetic (RMT)

75min Session  $117

60min Session  $95

45min Session  $80


Reiki and Chakra Balancing: Abrah Arneson

90min Session  $130

60min Session  $100

45min Session  $85

Reiki and Chakra Balancing: Helene Letourneau

60min Session  $110

Reiki and Chakra Balancing: Sue Taylor

60min Session  $110


Reiki Master Training: Abrah Arneson

Contact us for details of dates and prices


Shamanic and Tantric Healing: Roger

60min Healing session  $110


Clinical Somatic Therapy: Richard Hudspith

60 min session  $90