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Natural Allergy Treatment is a safe, effective, non-invasive way to effectively address your allergy symptoms.

It can be used to treat, and usually completely resolve, allergic reactions to a wide range of allergens. We have had many years of success, and have helped people of all ages from newborn to seniors.

We have an extensive range of allergens available. In addition, if you have specific things that you suspect to be causing a reaction you can bring a small sample to your appointment.

Just some examples of allergens we can treat:

Foods: eggs, yeast, shellfish, nuts, fruits, tomatoes etc

Environmental triggers: Dust, mould, cats, dogs, perfumes, chemicals, nickel, latex and more

Electromagnetic Frequencies and Weather: Storm systems, wifi, fluorescent lighting, sunshine, cold, heat etc

Unfortunately, if you are intolerant to foods such as wheat (gliadin), lactose, casein etc we cannot desensitise them as we are unable to change the body's inability to digest these substances.


How Does Natural Allergy Treatment Work?

The process is drawn from the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of Acupuncture. Simply put, it rebalances your nervous system in the presence of an allergen, so that your body understands that it does not need to be reactive.

The technique was originally developed by Dr Nambudripad, and her protocol is known as NAET. At our clinic we use a system based on her method.


What Does Allergy Treatment Involve?

The treatment involves using pressure (usually finger pressure) to stimulate Neuro-lymphatic points down your back, these are also part of the bladder meridian.

The allergen used is in the form of a vial containing an energetic signature.

Using Muscle Response Testing the therapist will work with your body to determine which allergens can be treated during the visit. This may be a small group or a single item. For more severe allergies only a single allergen can be treated at each visit. They will not treat an allergen when the body indicates that it is not ready for that substance, even if you consider it to be a priority.

When you return, the previously treated allergen / group of allergens is checked. Sometimes they do not clear completely with just one treatment so they will be treated again. Some items take only one or two visits, some may take more.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This depends on many factors. We do find that most clients who do not experience severe reactions need around 5-10 treatments. For severe reactions, or for people who have chronic, complex health concerns this may be more. We can provide a better estimate when you come for your Allergy Test.

The treatments can be taken close together or spaced out, the end result will be the same.


Can Natural Allergy Treatment Resolve All My Symptoms?

The simple answer is no, unfortunately not. We can resolve symptoms caused by allergies and sensitivities, however, often there are other factors affecting your health.

These may include structural imbalances, emotional issues, nutritional deficiencies and underlying infections, all of which can contribute to high levels of inflammation in your body. Treating the allergens will certainly bring relief. It may not, however, resolve symptoms completely until you address all of the various causes for your reactions.


Can You Treat Everything I React To?

Again, the answer is no.

Some things are not allergies / sensitivities, they are intolerances. We view these as things that are basically toxic to your body, your body is unable to process them. You might liken it to expecting your premium gas car to run on diesel fuel.

These intolerances may include wheat (gliadin), gluten, lectins, milk protein (casein) and lactose along with other proteins in grains or beans.

We can identify these in our testing, however, we cannot effectively treat them. You will need to determine your level of tolerance. You may find eating them occasionally is worth the resulting reaction, or you may not. They will, however, always cause a level of inflammation in your body.

This is why it is not possible to treat Celiac disease.

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