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Can Reiki and Energy Healing Treat My Headaches?

Can Reiki and Energy Healing Treat My Headaches?

Can underlying energetic blockages and imbalances cause headaches and migraines?

The simple answer is ‘yes’ they are one of the possible triggers or causes.

Both an excess of energy in the head or deficiency can lead to pain. This can be the result of an issue within the head itself, or disruption further down the body which obstructs the free flow of energy.

So a blockage in the throat will prevent the flow of energy into and out of the head.

A blockage at the root or 2nd chakra, so in the pelvis or lower abdomen, will affect how much energy can move into the body or be released.

It is not uncommon with our daily lives to become focussed in our head. We are continually busy, using our minds nonstop, and often allow little time to decompress and ground ourselves. This leads to an inability to let go of the stresses of the day, to drain the excess out of our heads and to become grounded.

Almost all of my clients come in needing to open their lower chakras, reconnect to the earth, and to release some of that pent-up energy.

This disruption in energy flow may result in many different headache symptoms including a dull ache, pressure, throbbing or pain spikes.

An energy healer, whether practising ReikiChakra balancing, Pranic Healing, Angel Healing, or one of the many other approaches will be able to assist your body to better balance and to bring relief effectively.

During a session, they may work on your head or any other part of the body. If there is an excess or stagnation of energy in the head, there is little benefit to treating the head. What is needed is to open up the channels throughout the body so that the energy can move and the pressure in the head can be released.

They may also bring about longer-term healing by addressing the underlying reasons for your energy imbalance. This can be by releasing trapped emotions or by bringing you more into balance, so you are no longer as reactive to daily stresses.

Clients who receive energy healing report that they feel better in many ways emotionally and physically.

Dispelling some energy myths

Energy is not some mystical, magical element. Science shows that it exists all around us; energy and matter are interchangeable and that everything is connected energetically.

Science also shows that the human body has an energetic component. It is possible to produce an image of the body’s aura and to identify acupuncture points scientifically, however, we do not currently have the science to show what these points are or what they do.

There are many healing approaches worldwide that address imbalance or blockages in our energy, many of which are very ancient. These include Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Shamanism, Eastern Tantra, Pranic Healing, Angel Healing, the Laying on of Hands and much more. 

Whichever approach is used by the healer the intention is the same; they will seek to bring balance and flow, to release stagnant or congested energy, to channel energy into areas that are deficient and to assist with letting go of any trapped emotions which are interfering with correct balance.

When channelling energy, the healer is tapping into the universal energy that is all around us. Depending on the approach they may consider this energy to be from Mother Earth, from the Father, from God, the Angels, the Source, the One or the Light. Or they may have another name for it.

There have been scientific studies that show the healer is affecting energy when healing is taking place. The book “The energy healing experiments” by Dr Gary Schwartz details some of these studies.

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This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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