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Roger - Complete Wellbeing - Centretown Ottawa

For Roger, healing is not work – it is a passion, a vocation, a way of life. 

He practices a holistic approach to healing incorporating Shamanism, Tantra, Psychotherapy, Bodywork and Energy healing.


Roger the Shaman

As a Shaman, Roger has teachers who include Shamans from the United States, Scotland and Peru, and Elders from the Inuit community.  He can aid in Shamanic journeying and discovering your guides and power animals, and work to release emotions and solve issues from this life and past lives.


Roger the Tantric Healer

Roger has studied other methods of healing including instruction and certification in Reiki and other aspects of body work.  As part of his Shamanic training Roger was identified as a sexual healer and sought training in this particular aspect of healing, leading him to Sacred Intimate work.

Under the guidance of Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati (aka Dr. Rudolph Ballentine MD, Homeopath, Naturopath, Nutritionist) Roger has studied the Sri Vidya Lineage of Tantra. In 2012 he completed the Tantra teacher training to become a certified trainer.


A session with Roger looks like ……

Every session is different as Roger sees clients as individuals and will utilize whatever approach is called for at that time. This may include aspects of Shamanic healing, Tantra, Bodywork, Gestalt Therapy, Energy Healing and Sacred Intimate work.

A healing session with Roger may include a gentle approach with some light touch working on both the physical and subtle bodies (Chakras) with the intent to bring into alignment and balance and to harmonize the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our beings.

Outcomes from each session are as varied as those who seek healing. Many will find their lives having more balance and harmony, increased confidence and self-worth, and more relaxed and calm.  Individuals can improve their ability to concentrate and focus, cope with stress, release trauma and improve their relationships. 


Roger Outside of Work

Roger continues to grow and experience his own Shamanic and Tantra journey.  He frequently leads workshops in both Canada and the US. 

Along with a select group of friends and colleagues who are on similar journeys, a week seldom goes by without consultations, seminars and group discussions.

Having experienced first-hand many of the ills of modern society, Roger continues to walk a path of self-improvement while providing guidance and healing to those he encounters along the way.