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Our bodies are made up of complex energy systems, science has proven this fact. One way to rebalance this energy is through Chakra Balancing.

One of the energy systems identified is that of the Chakras. This concept originates in the yogic and tantric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism introduced in the 18th century. The meaning of the Sanskrit word "Chakra" is "wheel" or "turning", the energy is said to spin like a wheel at the energetic centre that is each Chakra.

The Chakras connect the universe on one side and our physical body on the other. When everything is balanced and in alignment there is a constant flow, and frequencies are received and transmitted in both directions.

Stressors in our life such as relationships, career, finances or experiencing traumatic events can impact the proper balance and function of our energy. Can you afford just to sit back and wait in hope that somehow it will simply correct itself?

Energy adjustment is just a small part of Chakra Balancing. A session can help the most stressed-out person regain their sense of calm and inner serenity, regardless of what is going on around them.

The seven major Chakras are located along the body from the root at the base of our pelvis, to the crown at the top of our head. Each one connects to a gland in our body that works hand in hand with all the vital organs. An imbalance in one Chakra will affect the spiritual and emotional balance of the whole body, and the related gland and organs become vulnerable to disease. Anytime there is something going on in the body that shouldn't be it is due to an underlying blockage or imbalance in the corresponding Chakra.

This is why we need to nurture our Chakra system with the same love and concern that we do our physical body. When they are in balance it allows our whole body; the organs, glands and physical body to function in harmony and unison, restoring peace, health and happiness.

What is Chakra Balance, and why does it matter?

Balance means just that - not too much, and not too little. An "imbalance" in our Chakras means that some Chakras are over-active, and some are under-active.

Chakras receive and transmit energy; psychic, emotional and physical energy. An excess or deficiency can affect the way we think, act and feel.

For instance, too little flow through the Heart Chakra could translate into a "hard-hearted" and selfish personality. Too much flow through the Heart Chakra could translate into a person with a "bleeding heart", someone whose generous compassion can easily be taken advantage of leading to exhaustion and burnout.

Finding that perfect balance between openness to outside and Universal energies, and keeping up our energetic boundaries, is the primary purpose of Chakra Balancing and Chakra Healing.

What to Expect in a Chakra Balancing Session

Chakra Balancing is just one approach to Energy Healing. It works to release stagnant energy, channel energy into the body, bring balance and connection and to allow the body to function as it should on all levels.

Most sessions involve you lying comfortably on a table, fully clothed. The healer will place their hands lightly on your body or just above the body. They will feel the energy at the different Chakras. They may also use a pendulum held over each Chakra to determine the direction of the spin and how strong the energy is at that time.

They will then facilitate the movement of energy. You may feel a warmth or coolness, tingle, fizz, flow. Some people find that they release emotions and may cry or laugh. Others feel almost nothing beyond relaxation, and some fall asleep. This is all normal.

A session is usually a very relaxing experience, you may feel sleepy afterwards, or you can be energised. Be kind to yourself and allow time for the session to integrate.

Many people return on a regular or semi-regular basis as life happens and we all need help to remain in balance.

Our Chakra Balancing Team