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Energy Healing is an ancient approach that addresses disruptions in the body’s energy.

Modern science has shown that energy flows through everything; our bodies, animals, plants and even objects. This confirms the knowledge held by many ancient cultures.

Research also supports the concept that disruption in the energy flow in our bodies can result in many ailments, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Disruption in our energy can result from many triggers such as our lifestyle, emotional baggage passed down with our genetics (epigenetic), unresolved emotional issues from life events and soul-based memories. All these will prevent us from enjoying optimal health.

Symptoms such as pain, intestinal disorders, skin complaints, anxiety, depression and PTSD can all be improved with energy healing. It can also help you to feel lighter, more confident, happier, more relaxed and less reactive to life events.

Approaches to Energy Healing

There are many different approaches to energy healing. Some involve hands on the body, some the practitioner will work in the field of the body and not touch, it may also incorporate other aspects such as journeying, crystals, sounds, symbols and smells.

These approaches include Pranic Healing, Angel Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Shamanism and more. An experienced practitioner of any of these modalities will usually be working in an intuitive way and draw on whatever techniques are required at the time.

What to expect during an Energy Healing Session

Most sessions take place with you lying on a comfortable treatment table. You remain fully clothed and may have a light blanket to keep you warm.

Initially the practitioner will connect with your body and determine where you need help. This may be where energy is congested, lacking or disrupted. The practitioner can also pick up any emotions you may be holding on to.

They will then work to facilitate the release of blockages and congestion, to bring energy into areas that are lacking and to balance disruptions. They will encourage your body to let go of trapped emotions that no longer serve you and to release past traumas from your life, genetic memories and traumas from previous lives.

When needed, they will collaborate with the masculine and feminine energies to bring them more into balance.

The session is all about facilitating you (your subconscious and your body) to heal whatever you need at that time. It is not about the healer 'doing' something to you; it is more about assisting your innate healing ability and creating a safe space for this healing to take place.

Experienced healers do not have a set procedure for sessions, they will be guided by what they intuitively feel is needed by you at the time. This may or may not be the issue you had hoped to address, however, it will be what will serve your highest good at the time.

Where a healer uses touch, this may involve fingertips or palms and can be light or quite firm. Their hands may remain still, or they may use stroking or pressing movements. They can also work with their hands above your body, if you prefer not to be touched just let them know. The session may work on one or more parts of your body

What will you Experience?

This varies from person to person and from session to session.

You may find the session anything between quite intense or deeply relaxing. Some people feel energy move such as a gentle flow, tingling, heat, cold, fizzing and shivers.

Emotional release can trigger laughing, crying, sighing, yawning or even shaking as the body lets go.

Some people feel a lot, some people experience less, and some go to sleep. All of this is normal.

After an Energy Healing session

At the end of the session, you can feel energised or relaxed and even tired. Some people experience dreams at night and emotional shifts over the next few days.

You may experience significant changes with just one session, or the changes may be more gradual.

The process is very personal. You may feel the need to return frequently or you may need time between sessions. Your healer will advise you at the end of the session as to how soon you should rebook.

For most people a series of sessions is required to achieve the optimum result, however, you may take these at your own pace. You may see your healer a number of times, see someone else, take a break or return to your original healer. Most of us will see more than one healer as they all help in different ways and address different layers.

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