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7 Surprising Conditions That Ottawa Osteopaths Help

Are you wondering what conditions Ottawa Osteopaths help?

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Today I am going to explain what conditions Osteopaths in Ottawa help.

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You’ll be surprised at the type and variety of conditions Ottawa Osteopaths help.

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1. Arthritis

There are two main types of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (A).

Osteopathic treatment is more suited to helping OA rather than RA.

OA is degeneration of the joint due to general wear and tear and is also common after an injury to a joint.

RA is an autoimmune condition where the body’s immune system attacks the joint.

Osteoarthritic joints often are stiff, have a reduced range of motion and are poorly supported by the surrounding muscles.

Osteopaths can help osteoarthritic joints by reducing stiffness, increasing range f motion and increasing function in the surrounding muscles.

2. Headaches

A common cause of headaches is muscle tension in the neck and scalp.

Muscle tension can feel like a deep ache or pressure.

Lack of neck movement and muscle tightness can cause muscle tension.

Osteopaths can help headaches by increasing neck mobility and loosening tight muscles.

3. Lower back pain

There are many reasons for lower back pain.

A common cause of lower back pain is muscle spasm.

Muscle spasm in the lower back can feel like a sharp stabbing pain.

Reduced lower spine movement is a common reason for muscle spasm in the lower back.

Osteopaths can help lower back pain by increasing movement in the lower spine.

4. Neck pain

There are numerous reasons for neck pain.

Like lower back pain, a common cause of neck pain is a muscle spasm.

Muscle spasm in the neck can feel like a “trapped nerve” or sharp pinching pain. The neck is also painful to move.

Two causes of neck muscle spasm are poor neck spine movement and tight muscles.

Osteopaths can help neck pain by increasing neck spine movement and loosening muscles.

5. Sciatica

Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve. The branches of the sciatic nerve come from your lower back, pass through your buttocks and your legs. Typically, sciatica affects only one side of your body.

The cause of sciatica is typically impingement of the nerve in the lower back and muscles of the buttocks.

Osteopaths can help sciatica by increasing movement in the lower back and loosening muscles in the buttock.

6. Sports Injuries

Common types of sports injuries include pulled or torn ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Pulled or torn ligaments, muscles and tendons are often the results of poorly functioning joints and muscles, which lead to tissue damage.

Osteopaths can help sports injuries by improving joint and muscle function and stimulating repair of damaged tissue.

7. TMJ problems

TMJ problems are often the result of poor function of the muscles that open and close the jaw.

Cranial faults and reduced neck movement are common reasons for poor jaw muscle function.

Osteopaths can help TMJ problems by eliminating cranial faults and improving neck movement.

Have I Missed Any Conditions that Ottawa Osteopaths Help?

Do you suffer from any of the above conditions?

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