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5 Typical Reasons Why Custom Foot Orthotics Might Be Right For Your Child

5 Typical Reasons Why Custom Foot Orthotics Might Be Right For Your Child

Are you curious as to whether custom orthotics are right for your child?

If so, you are in the right place.

Today I am going to outline 5 typical reasons why custom foot orthotics may be right for your child.

There is a lot of controversy around the subject of custom foot orthotics in children. But there are circumstances where custom foot orthotics may be helpful for children.

Let’s jump straight in by explaining why children’s feet and the right shoes are so important.

1. A Solid Foundation

Kids need a solid foundation from the ground up.

This solid foundation is essential so that they can do things like run, walk, jump and play without trouble.

Although you may be worried about whether your child’s feet are healthy, it is prevalent for children to have biomechanics imperfections.

Most kids will grow out of these, but some will not.

Our Custom Foot Orthotic Specialists will be able to identify if your child’s feet need extra support to prevent further problems as they grow.

As soon as a child starts to walk, it is important that he or she is put in a good shoe in order to have a more stabilized base of support.

Shoes should be chosen based on functionality, not fashion.

Babies and toddlers tend to be more wobbly walkers who fall and trip so consider a good pair of shoes from an early age.

Babies are born with flatter feet but once they start walking, their arch should naturally develop over time.

Furthermore, it is not recommended your child wears hand-me-down shoes if they have signs of wear.

Since every child walks differently, the wear pattern on hand-me-down shoes may cause more harm.

2. Foot Pain

It is less common for a child under the age of 6 to be given an orthotic since their feet are quickly developing/changing.

With growth, their legs rotate to allow for alignment between the feet, ankles, knees and hips.

However, if a child is complaining of foot pain before this age, a custom foot orthotic may be helpful.

3. Unexplained Body Pain

Custom foot orthotics are something to consider if you suspect your child may have unexplained foot, ankle, knee, hip are back problems.

4. Reduced Activity

If your child does not want to run or play, or your child seems to want to sit down often when walking, they may have a foot dysfunction in which case a custom orthotic may help.

5. Family History

In addition, if the child has a family history of foot problems, they may be more likely to benefit from orthotics.

6. Growing Issues

Problems in children’s feet tend to occur when the growth of their feet, legs and thighs don’t sync.

Interestingly, a child’s foot will almost always grow faster than the rest of their body.

A child’s foot reaches 75% of its total length by the age of 7.

When the feet do not align properly with the legs, knees, thighs or hips, problems can arise.

This can lead to flat feet, in-toeing, out-toeing, rigid feet, or changes in the knees.

In addition to a custom orthotic, physical and manual therapy can help to correct the imbalance.

Sports that involve balance can also be very helpful.

What Next?

If you are unsure whether your child may need custom orthotics, bring them in to have them assessed.

Remember to bring a pair of their worn shoes along to the appointment.

Wear on the bottom of someone’s shoes can give our custom foot orthotics specialist a better picture of what is going on.

Did I Miss Anything?

Does your child have any of the above issues?

Do they have other problems that make you think they may need custom foot orthotics?

Either way please leave a comment below.