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Acupuncture for Sinus Headaches

Acupuncture for Sinus Headaches

For a growing number of people, the change in seasons and temperature results in some form of physical symptoms. It is common that our bodies respond negatively to this change. These changes along with seasonal allergies can cause you to experience frequent sinus headaches.

We have three major sinus cavities (Frontal, Sphenoid/Ethmoid and Maxillary) in the bones of our skull and face, between our eyes, in our forehead and nose.

Sinus headaches usually appear in the form of throbbing pain behind the eyes, in the face and the forehead. Sinus headaches can occur when inflammation develops within the facial sinus cavities or when there is a build up of mucous.

These headaches can mimic tension or migraine headaches so getting a proper diagnosis from your practitioner is important. When our sinuses become inflamed they cannot drain mucous properly and, for this reason, you become more susceptible to bacterial infection.

You may be experiencing a sinus infection/headache if you get pressure like pain in your face or have tender points between the eyes and nose. The pain may be aggravated by sudden movements or when looking down, be worse in the mornings, and you may have pain in your upper teeth or a runny nose.

Although there are many medications and even surgical treatments for severe sinus issues, one natural way to treat the signs and symptoms is acupuncture.

Most acupuncture practitioners will place needles in the face and distal points like the hands and feet. Chinese doctors describe sinusitis as “dampness” which creates inflammation and congestion in the mucus membranes. This dampness is cleared by strengthening the spleen meridian and by working with the stomach meridian.

Although there is not a large body of research done on this subject, Acupuncture is also said to reduce inflammation by promoting the release of vascular and immune regulating factors.

So, if you are struggling with sinus pain this spring, give acupuncture a try. We at Ottawa Holistic Wellness can help you with this, along with other therapies that may be helpful for you.


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