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What Is The Difference Between Ottawa Osteopaths and Physiotherapists?

What Is The Difference Between Ottawa Osteopaths and Physiotherapists?

Are you unsure about the difference between Ottawa Osteopaths and Physiotherapists?

If so, then you are in the right place.

Today I am going to explain the main differences between Osteopaths and Physiotherapists.

Even better by the end, you should be able to decide which therapist is right for you.

Let’s jump in starting with their training.

1. Training

Osteopaths in Canada must complete a 4-year bachelor of science degree including 1000 hours of clinical practice.

Physiotherapists in Canada are required to complete an intensive 2 year Master’s degree including 1000 hours of clinical practice.

2. What Conditions Do They Treat?

Both Osteopaths and Physiotherapists can help a wide variety of physical problems. They can also help acute and chronic conditions.

3. How Do They Treat?

Osteopaths use mainly hands-on treatment techniques. These techniques include cranial osteopathy, joint mobilization, massage, spinal manipulations and visceral osteopathy.

Many Physiotherapists also use manual techniques such as mobilizations, mobilizations with movement (MWM), myofascial release techniques, NKT, dry needling, kinesthetic taping, and muscle re-education. Numerous physiotherapists also use treatment machines including Tens and ultrasound.

4. What Do They Charge?

Both Ottawa Osteopaths and Physiotherapists have similar fee schedules.

Initial consultations are between CAD 100 to CAD 130.

5. Are Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Covered By Health Insurance

Both Osteopathy and Physiotherapy are covered by most extended health Insurance policies.

Before undertaking any treatment please confirm with your insurance provider that your policy covers any treatment.

Under certain circumstances, Physiotherapy may be covered under OHIP.

Have I Missed Anything?

Are you going to choose Osteopathy or Physiotherapy first?

Are you still confused about the difference between Ottawa Osteopaths and Physiotherapists?

Either way, please leave a comment below.