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5 Simple Tips To Make Your New Year’s Health Resolutions A Reality

5 Simple Tips To Make Your New Year’s Health Resolutions A Reality

After the excesses of the holidays and with the beginning of the new year have you made a plan of looking after your health?

The gyms love this time of year as countless good intentioned punters flood through their doors to sign up.

You are going to exercise regularly and eat less sugar.

Unfortunately, your good intentions are only paper thin and doomed to failure.

The gyms are well aware of this fact as they know that your good intentions are based on willpower.

Willpower is a finite resource and if it was not the gyms would be full to the brim all year.

So how can you buck the trend?

Read on to find out my top 5 ways to make your new year’s health resolutions a reality.

Tip 1: Don’t join the gym, find a tribe

If I tell someone that they need to avoid gluten to feel better I always recommend that their close family to so also for moral support.

Adherence and compliance are much more likely in a community.

By sharing the journey with others that tribal support is much more likely to get you to your goal than struggling alone.

If exercising more is your goal join a class or even better take up a team sport.

If you really want to use a gym then try CrossFit.

Crossfit gyms are successful because they encourage community among their members.

Tip 2: Broadcast your new year’s health resolutions

Accountability is a powerful compliance tool.

If you want to increase your chances of achieving your health goals then tell people about them.

Tell your family and friends, broadcast your plans on Facebook.

By making yourself accountable to others you are less likely to give up.

Also tell people about your progress.

How many days you have been sugar? How much weight you have lost?

When I was running the London marathon it was the people on the side of the road cheering me on that inspired me to the finishing line.

Tip 3: Baby steps

When I first began training for the London marathon I did not run my first training session I walked it.

Trying too much too soon can be considerably disheartening.

Making small by gradual steps or changes you are more likely to gain confidence and be encouraged to take further steps.

So if you are thinking about doing more exercise just start by getting off the bus one stop before your normal one or take the stairs instead of the lift.

If you are trying to take something out of your diet then remove it from one of your meals you eat during the day.

Tip 4: Find your motivation

To give you a new year’s resolutions you need to have the right motivation. When settings your goals you have to ask yourself why you want to do try and achieve them.

In my experience it is not enough to say I want to be healthier, you have to go deeper than that.

Try asking yourself what being healthier would bring to your life.

Would it give you more energy to play with children?

Would you be able to take that cycling trip you always dreamed about? Whatever the motivation make it meaningful to you.

Tip 5: Fill the void

When you are attempting to make healthier food choices it is important to ask yourself why you make unhealthy ones in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong in enjoying a piece of Christmas cake over the holidays.

Food is and should be one of your life’s pleasures but when it becomes a source of comfort you should ask why.

It could be that food is filling a void in your life.

What is missing or what are you unhappy about?

Unless you look deeper and resolve these types of questions then there is a good chance you will reach your goals.

Have I Missed Anything?

Which tip are your going to try first?

Did I miss your favorite strategy to help you fulfill your new years resolutions

Either way let me know by leaving a comment.


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