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6 Conditions An Ottawa Osteopath May Not Help

6 Conditions Osteopathy May Not Help

Are you considering seeking the help of an osteopath in Ottawa?

Are you wondering whether osteopathy is the right treatment for your condition?

Well, you are in the right place.

Today you will learn about 6 conditions where osteopathy may not help.

Even better.

I will tell you what you should do instead.

Let’s dive in.

1. Concussion or Head Injury

If you experience a concussion, you should immediately seek out medical help by going to the emergency department or at the very least, your family physician.

Osteopathic treatment is not appropriate in the acute stages of any head trauma. You should first be examined by a medical doctor to ensure that no severe damage has occurred.

Even then, you should wait for at least a couple of weeks before seeking osteopathic treatment.

More severe conditions can sometimes emerge days or even weeks after the initial trauma.

2. Fractures

If you suspect you have broken a bone you should immediately seek medical help or ask your doctor for an x-ray.

Once the bone has fully healed, then osteopathic treatment would be appropriate as it can help with loosening tight joints and muscles.

3. Inflammatory Arthritis

If you have inflammatory arthritis such as Rheumatoid or Psoriatic arthritis, certain types of osteopathic treatment may not be appropriate.

Osteopathic manipulation and massage may cause increased soreness of joints and muscles.

Osteopathic manipulation and massage are more appropriate for osteoarthritis, as they help to loosen muscles and increase joint mobility.

4. Meniscal Tears

The meniscus is soft cartilage cushions found in the knee. Occasionally the meniscus can become torn due to repetitive strain or impact trauma.

People with meniscal tears often experience pain on the inside of the knee on walking and running.

Osteopaths can diagnose meniscal tears, but osteopathic treatment will not cure the condition. If you suspect you have a meniscal tear, you should ask your doctor for an MRI scan of your knee.

Meniscal tears require surgical intervention to repair the cartilage.

Post-operation osteopathic treatment can help increase joint mobility and lessen muscle tightness.

5. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition where thinning and weakness of the bones occurs.

Specific osteopathic treatment techniques may not be appropriate as treatment may cause damage to the bones.

If you have osteoporosis, a better source of help would be from a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor.

6. Whiplash

Like concussion, if you experience a whiplash-type injury to your neck, you should immediately seek out medical care at an emergency department or your family physician.

Similarly, you should only seek out an Ottawa osteopath at least two weeks after the injury.

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