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What are Custom Orthotics and what conditions can they help?

Custom Orthotics look like insoles but are custom made to correct the specific imbalance of each foot. They are a biomechanical medical appliances that will align your foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position for your gait and posture. By re-aligning the foot they redirect and reduce any incorrect motions while standing, walking, running or exercising.

Correctly realigning the foot and ankle can alleviate pain caused by bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, high arches, fallen arches (flat feet), arch and heel pain, foot, leg, ankle, knee, hip, back or neck pain.


How are Orthotics made?

Custom Orthotics can be made to assist you whatever your activities. They are individually and uniquely produced for work, sports, dress shoes and winter boots. You may purchase just one pair, or several depending on your needs.

Our practitioners take a mold or impression of each of your feet which are thenĀ  sent to the laboratory. Based on accurate 3-dimensional measurements from the mold they then custom create your personal orthotics to your unique requirements.


How Long Do Orthotics Last?

This very much depends on how much use they get. If you are very active they will wear out faster. You should expect to replace them once every year or two. We also find that your needs will change depending on your fitness levels and as you age.


Will my Insurance Provider cover the costs?

Some insurance companies do cover the cost of custom foot orthotics when they are provided by a Chiropractor. They may require a referral letter from a medical doctor or Chiropractor stating why custom foot orthotics are required. Please contact your provider to find out if such a referral is required and whether they accept the referral from our Chiropractor.

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