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What Does a Nurse Practitioner Do?

** Please note: Elise is not a replacement for your primary care provider. She will not be taking on a roster of clients as a primary health care provider

As a Nurse Practitioner Elise provides most primary care services and is available to fill the gap when you are unable to access a Primary Health Care provider. She can provide care for the whole family from new born to seniors and offers many services including:

  • Diagnosing illness and disease
  • Ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests (*Not MRIs and CT scans at this time)
  • Managing chronic disease
  • Providing referrals to other healthcare providers and specialists
  • Providing treatment
  • Prescribing all medications
  • Provide B12 intra-muscular injections if you are severely deficient
  • Iron infusions are indicated for severely anemic pts
  • Providing counselling and education
  • Health and Wellness Exams: screening for risk factors and referral for preventative screening
  • Providing requisitions for massage and orthotics: A brief consult is required to establish necessity
  • Giving sick notes for employers: A brief consult is required to establish necessity
  • 3rd Party Exams such as Driver's Licence
  • Mental health support: Assessment, diagnosis, prescribing medication and brief counselling for depression and anxiety. Referral for more in-depth counselling when indicated


When Should You See a Nurse Practitioner?

As a primary health care provider you can see the Nurse Practitioner for all health conditions / issues, both chronic and acute. Should you require referrals to specialists referrals they can do that as well.


What Tests Can They Requisition

They can order all laboratory and diagnostic tests including bloodwork and ultrasounds with the exception of MRIs and CT scans at this time.


What Medication Can a Nurse Practitioner Prescribe?

A Nurse Practitioner can provide most medications. Elise will not be prescribing controlled substances with the exception of Testosterone.


Vaccines and Nurse Practitioners

Vaccines that are not covered by the province can be prescribed. In addition, vaccines can be administered if the you collect from the pharmacy. For provincially covered vaccines such as tetanus and childhood vaccines patients will need to contact Ottawa Public Health Department.

Elise will not provide vaccine exemptions.


Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner?

It is entirely your choice from whom you receive your primary health care. If you require a prescription for controlled substances or a requisition for MRI and CT scans you will need to see a Medical Doctor.


Are Nurse Practitioner Fees Covered by OHIP or Insurance?

OHIP does NOT cover a Nurse Practitioner consultation fees in a private setting such as Complete Wellbeing. However, OHIP will cover any blood work, lab tests etc that would normally be covered. Some bloodwork is never covered by OHIP.
Most health insurance plans cover the consultation fees, you will need to check with your insurance provider to be sure. Their fees can also be included on your taxes.