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When providing Medical Aesthetics, Elise Van Schaik, PHC NP, offers both cosmetic and medical treatments.


Cosmetic Treatments

Elise Van Schaik, PHC NP, has a focus on positive aging in her practice as part of a wholistic treatment plan. Her treatments are intended to be subtle and bring a natural look. She can treat client’s aged 18yrs and over.

How Do Medical Aesthetics Work?

The most common treatment uses Neurotoxins. These are injected and block the nerve signals to the muscles. The result is that wrinkles relax and soften.

Treatment with fillers provides volume augmentation, or plumping by injecting compatible substances into the face. This service will be available soon.

What Does Treatment Help With?

Neurotoxin treatment can have a positive effect on a wide range of areas. It is indicated for forehead and frown lines, crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, brow lift and can also be used off-label, a legal and common practice, for other areas on the face including upper lip wrinkles.

How Often Are Medical Aesthetic Treatments Needed?

Unfortunately, the effects of neurotoxin are temporary and gradually wear off. The treatment will need to be repeated after at least 4 months, with the actual frequency depending on the client’s treatment plan

How Long are Sessions and What is The Cost?

The length of sessions is determined by the areas being treated and the client’s desired outcomes. They may be short or take up to an hour.

The cost is dependent on the areas being treated and on the client’s treatment goals.

After a Medical Aesthetic Treatment

Some side effects are to be expected after a treatment. Temporary bruising is rare, and a mild headache may be present that can last a few hours. At the start of each visit an informed consent is discussed and signed. This reviews all possible side effects and includes relevant information from product monographs (a factual, scientific document on a drug product) and the literature.

When Not to Come for Medical Aesthetics

There are certain contra-indications to treatment with neurotoxins such as neuromuscular disorders. These are reviewed during the initial consultation and each time you come to ensure for client safety.


Medical Treatments

Medically indicated Neurotoxin (not cosmetic) can provide effective relief from conditions such as chronic migraines and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

A Nurse Practitioner or Medical Doctor can refer clients aged 18 years or over for this treatment. Frequency of the treatments depends on the individual. For hyperhidrosis this may be every 6 – 14 months.

Are Medical Treatments Covered on Insurance?

Most insurers cover a significant cost of these medical treatments, as well as any Nurse Practitioner consultation / referral fee. Contact your insurance provider to check the details. They will not cover treatment for purely cosmetic purposes.