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Energy Medicine is based on the understanding that any physical, mental, or behavioural problem has a counterpart in the body’s energies and can be treated at that level.

At Complete Wellbeing, we provide a holistic approach to healing by not only addressing your body, mind, and spirit, but also by working with your emotions, past trauma, and even your relationships.

Energy Medicine

For thousands of years practitioners around the world have activated the body’s natural healing processes through clearing meridians, balancing energy, healing touch, utilising Ayurvedic medicine, traditional shamanic practices, acupuncture, applying hands-on healing such as Reiki, and many other modalities.

All of these modalities will work to affect the energy in our body and to assist us to become balanced, grounded, to tap into our innate healing power within, and to release and resolve traumas.

Traditional Western medicine focuses on diagnosing symptoms and treating you from the outside. When used in combination with Energy Medicine the results can be profound as the whole person is addressed.

What Conditions and Symptoms Can Energy Medicine Help?

Energy medicine has been shown to have many benefits.

These include calming the nervous system, releasing trapped emotions and traumas, bringing calm and a sense of peace.

In this way Energy Medicine can help with anxiety, depression, PTSD, relieve pain and fatigue, reduce allergies, improve sleep and much more. It can bring more confidence, more focus and more connection to others, it can also help clients be less reactive and improve their relationships.

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Energy Medicine at Complete Wellbeing

We have a diverse range of energy healing modalities at Complete Wellbeing. If you are unsure what might benefit you we encourage you to come for a Free Discovery session with one of our healers and find out more.

Acupuncture and Acupressure: an ancient modality that uses very fine needles or finger/hand pressure to affect the meridians or energy lines within the body

Hands-on Healing: 

These modalities use a hands-on, light touch to work with the energy and emotions in our bodies. At Ottawa Holistic Wellness we offer the following approaches:

Reflexology: The healer uses pressure, usually with their fingers, on the reflex points of the hands or feet to affect the energy within the body.


Energy Medicine has something to offer everyone, whether you need to relax and enjoy some time for yourself, or you have more profound physical and emotional / mental health concerns that you wish to alleviate.

It is an excellent complement to Western Medicine and to other Alternative Health Modalities. It is safe for anyone from young children to seniors.

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