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What is Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT?

One way of looking at negative emotions is as a disruption in the body’s energy.

EFT is just one self help method to re-balance the energy and release these emotions. At Complete Wellbeing we can offer EFT in combination with Hypnosis to provide a very effective approach to many issues. We teach you to use this method at home whenever you need.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a method of tapping used mindfully and intentionally. The tapping is done gently with your fingertips on the face and upper body at the start or end of meridian (energy) lines.

Emotional Freedom Techniques incorporates our ability to think about our issues pro-actively whilst using the same theory of energy within the body, the meridian system, as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

It has been shown to be effective in a number of clinical studies.

Who Can Use EFT?

This system is simple enough to learn and to use that it is suitable for everyone, from young children to adults. It can be adopted as part of a regular routine.

When we are reacting to thoughts, memories or feelings with stress, anxiety, tension, pain or digestive upset it can bring fast relief. Emotional Freedom Techniques can change the energy we bring to our lives and the situations we experience.

Using EFT to Make Changes

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques can help us to become more aware of the physiological effects our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can have on our bodies.

It is an amazing tool that we can use at any time to make the changes we need to improve our lives.

Free Resources for EFT

Use these diagrams to help you practice EFT at home.

Free EFT Tapping Points Chart and Instructions

Complete Wellbeing Tapping Diagram

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