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Sherri MacEwen - Medical Aesthetician - Complete Wellbeing

Sherri MacEwen is energetic, genuine and brings connectivity and positive energy to her clients and colleagues.

She provides individualized Medical Aesthetic consultations that concentrate on positive aging, wrinkle relaxing and skin rejuvenation. They aim to eliminate negative expressions, and to soften the signs of aging that can impact personal confidence and image.

She provides evidence based practice and strives for excellence in care delivery and safety in practice.

Sherri MacEwen’s Education and Experience

In 1989, Sherri received her diploma of Nursing and later pursued her Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Laurentian University. During this time, she worked in various hospital settings and dedicated time to raising her family.

She gained invaluable experience in family and general medicine, surgery, dermatology, oncology, haematology, gynecology before finally settling in Critical Care.

Sherri graduated from the University of Ottawa Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program in 2009. She has been privileged to work with varied local clinical settings, as well as with the Indigenous in Northern Ontario and Nunavut.

Sherri and Medical Aesthetics

Sherri appreciates how much our appearance can affect our confidence, mental health and overall wellbeing. She will be offering neuromodulator treatments for the face, as well as Medical treatments for chronic migraine and TMJ.

She has a strong commitment to continuing education and knowledge translation to her peers and to her clients.

Who is Sherri MacEwen?

Sherri is family oriented, and her entire family, including mom and siblings, are among her major supports.

When not working, Sherri enjoys spending quality time with her husband, their 3 children and granddaughter. Other interests include cooking / trying new recipes with family members, sports and spending time outdoors.

Fun fact: Sherri is also a proud grandmother to a boxer and 2 rabbits!