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Sandra Schwerzmann - Applied Kenisology - Complete Wellbeing

Sandra Schwerzmann’s work is based on the knowledge and techniques of Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Psychology, and current Western Medicine knowledge.

Sandra Schwerzmann will help you improve your body's health, mental health, soul's, and spirit's well-being. She wants you to regain your optimal health, so you can recover your full potential and cope with all aspects of your life; physical, psychological and emotional.


Sandra Schwerzmann’s Approach

Together you will holistically assess your health concerns. She believes that body, mind and soul are interconnected, and to achieve true healing, they must be addressed and balanced. To look at only one area will not bring long-term healing.

With the help of Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), Sandra can identify the underlying causes of your health concerns and the best approach to resolve them. This testing is a tool to access the subconscious and the body’s wisdom. Sandra then discusses the findings with you, and you determine the best approach together.

Please note: While Sandra is qualified and experienced in various Applied Kinesiology techniques, she is not a licensed Kinesiologist in Ontario.


Training and Experience

Sandra Schwerzmann is a Certified and Registered Complementary Therapist in Kinesiology with the OdA KT in Switzerland. She has worked in this field for over 5yrs, assisting clients of all ages, from newborns to seniors and athletes to office workers.

Her training includes diverse modalities:

Neuro-energetic Kinesiology of Hugo Tobar and Daria Kovalchuk

Vibrational Healing System of David Corby

Applied Physiology of Richard D. Utt

Integrative Kinesiology of Rosemarie Sonderegger

Touch for Health of Dr. John F. Thie

Brain Gym of Dr. Paul Dennison

Wellness Kinesiology of Dr. Wayne Topping


Who is Sandra Schwerzmann?

Born in Switzerland, Sandra was an active, highly motivated child. She loved to paddle, be outside, ski, and be with her friends. She also has a passion for reading, handcrafting and gardening.

As she entered her teens, her canoeing became more serious. She started to compete almost every weekend, training intensively, investing a lot of energy into her performance, and learning to deal with both success and failure. During her career, she was several times Swiss champion, won medals at European and World Championships and participated twice in the Olympic Games.

When not competing or training, she worked as a High School teacher for children 10-13 years old, finding it both inspiring and demanding.

Sandra then married and gave birth to 2 children, a boy and a girl, born prematurely. She left work to become a full-time mum.

After 17yrs, her marriage ended, and she decided it was never too late to follow a new path to stand by her dreams and passions. Discovering Applied Kinesiology, she found a meaningful system to help others in a way that made so much sense to her.

She founded her clinic in Switzerland and continued to work part-time as a teacher. She was also integral to a search and rescue team with her highly trained Belgian Shepherd dog, Yuma.

Sandra met and married her second husband, a Western Medicine Specialist in Switzerland. They came to Canada in 2023 when he was offered a hospital position in Ottawa. She is excited to launch her new life here and resume her work with clients.