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Richard Hudspith - Complete Wellbeing - Centretown Ottawa

Richard Hudspith’s Path

Richard always knew teaching would be his life path.  He has a strong passion for learning as well as providing a safe space for clients to heal and regain proper control of their muscles. 

Richard’s gentle work is suitable for people of all ages and is especially helpful for seniors and anyone who sits / works at a computer.

He has helped clients who suffered from back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, sports injuries as well as leg length discrepancy.

His goal is to help you understand that aging really is not what we think it is.  You can age successfully and be functional and mobile.


Richard’s Training

Richard has completed his full training in Somatic Education to be a Certified Applied Somatic Educator. He has also completed numerous yoga trainings, including Hatha and Kundalini.

He holds a Master’s degree in Human Systems which helps individuals and organizations identify existing problems within their business and to design ways to work more effectively within themselves. 

Having a passion for his teaching and for helping people he believes we all need to put More Func back into our lives!


Somatic Therapy with Richard Hudspith

Richard will show you how to relax your tight and sore muscles. In addition, he will teach you how everyday things like sitting, standing or gardening can cause muscles to become stuck in dysfunctional patterns.

Learn how to retrain and re-pattern your brain to muscle connection so that you have greater control over your muscles. Change tight and restrictive muscle patterns into relaxed and functional ones. 

You’ll learn how muscles are not created equal; some are used for power and strength, while others are designed to support your skeleton and keep the body and spine aligned. 

Discover how the process of ageing can be slowed, if not reversed, by adopting a practice that keeps your body aligned and healthy. 

Clients are always surprised at the end of a single Somatic session with Richard Hudspith at how differently they walk.. and that is just the start!