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Melissa Caissie - Complete Wellbeing - Centretown Ottawa

Melissa Caissie brings an intuitive approach to her massage. She believes in the importance of not pre-planning her treatments, but to adapt to her client’s requirements on the day. She will assess the needs of the client at the time and incorporate whatever techniques are best suited. Her treatments can range from the subtle techniques of craniosacral to deep tissue.

Melissa has studied myofascial trigger point therapy and myofascial release, deep tissue, Swedish, craniosacral as well as a blend of energy healing techniques.

She enjoys treating clients with diverse needs. Whether injuries, pain, tension, muscle spasms or to increase sporting performance. Her clients range from teenagers to seniors and come from all walks of life.


Melissa’s Journey

Melissa Caissie had always liked to help people, and it was not uncommon to find her offering soothing shoulder and neck rubs to her friends and colleagues.

It was when she injured her back at work that she was introduced to Massage Therapy. Her colleague recommended she seek massage treatment.

To her amazement not only did it take care of her back it also helped her neck, shoulders, hips and glutes too! For the first time that night she had no pain.

Time as a purchasing agent for medical company supplying mobility aids, followed by a period with the Federal Government had brought the realisation that she needed to be helping people, not working in administration.

She started asking questions and realised she had found her vocation in Massage Therapy.


Education and Experience

After high school, Melissa Caissie studied small business management. She has found this to be particularly useful in running her massage business.

In 2009 she was drawn to attend a Reiki level 1. This opened eyes to the world of energy and how it impacts the body.

Further training in SAC – Spiritual Alignment Connection and Awakening Heart helped Melissa in her personal journey and her ability to assist clients.

In 2012 she graduated from ICT School of Massage Therapy in Moncton, New Brunswick. This was followed by five years in a New Brunswick chiropractic office and four years in Alberta where she practiced in a chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic.

Melissa Caissie Outside of work

Melissa enjoys being in nature, especially in or near water. She loves to read, to meditate and time spent in her own space.
An interest in drumming inspired Melissa to make her own frame drum under the tutelage of Metis guide. She has been a part of a drumming circle and a shamanic drumming group. She has also helped to build two sweat lodges and a teepee.