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Matthew David Saleh - Complete Wellbeing - Centretown Ottawa

Matthew David Saleh says, What is healing to you? That is what I want to explore with you during our time together…"

For more than 15years Matthew has been studying body mechanics and healing. He specializes in chronic pain; from old injuries or repetitive use.

He has a unique perspective on how the body heals derived from his own personal challenges in overcoming injuries sustained during his career in soccer and martial arts. This invaluable experience has shown him how to connect with your body and to provide the best help on your healing journey.

Matthew David Saleh’s Training

For many years Matthew has been learning and studying diverse healing modalities and perspectives from East to West.

These include Acupressure – similar to acupuncture, Swedish Massage, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF stretching), Myo-Fascial release and Fascial Restructuring.

He is a graduate of the International School of Massage Therapy and has additional training in Shiatsu and Fascial Restructuring Therapy.

He is registered as a Massage Therapist in Ontario and Quebec.


About Fascial Restructuring Therapy ™

The body moves as a unit of muscles that work with each other to facilitate movement through space.  When a person has pain or lack of normal movement there is a problem along this muscular chain. 

Matthew David Saleh works to correct these imbalances using sustained pressure to release fascia. This process is Fascial Reconstruction or Fascial Restructuring

Fascial Restructuring Therapy is a direct, sequential, systematic approach to fascial therapy. It relies on several foundational principles that facilitate the proper and effective release of adhesion at every level in the human body.

This incorporates myofascial (muscular), neural/dural (nerve), periosteal (bone), visceral/stromal (organ) and articular (joint).

A number of factors can cause adhesions to form within and between these tissues. In such cases it is necessary to release the adhesions in order to provide effective, lasting results.  

Fascial Restructuring is unquestionably a very deep form of fascial therapy, however, unlike some other therapies that target adhesions it is subtle and rarely painful.

By targeting other structures in the body, the stage is set for healing to occur at a much deeper level.

That's the Western side… On to the East

Matthew incorporates energetic healing into his work. He works to align your energetic pathways throughout your body with your Meridian system.

Science has identified a fluid-filled space between the skin and internal structures, such as organs, muscles and the circulatory system. This layer is known as the Interstitium and is the largest organ in your body. This is where the Meridian system is.

Using different breathing techniques Matthew lets his intuition guide him to the area of the body that requires support. If an area is hot or firm, that denotes a block that needs to be released. If an area is soft and cold energy is needed to heal that area and energy is brought into that area. 

Intention is the key to all healing.

Come in and let Matthew have a conversation with your body.


Matthew David Saleh Outside Of Work

Matthew enjoys the outdoors and being active. Growing up in a small town in the interior mountains of BC he was hiking daily.  He also studied various forms of martial arts for 15 years.  He enjoys playing various summer and winter sports such as soccer, football, hockey, baseball, cross country and downhill skiing and spending time in nature exploring the world.