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Kavneet Kaur - Osteopathic Manual Practitioner - Complete Wellbeing

Kavneet Kaur is currently on maternity leave.

During her absence our other Osteopathic Practitioners, Sihem Baaboud, Dominick Hussey and Claudia Hoyos are available to meet your health needs.


Kavneet Kaur specialises in the treatment of chronic pain from musculoskeletal conditions, visceral therapy and cranial osteopathy. Concentrating her abilities in manual therapy, mobilisation and muscle energy techniques.

She uses both an effective, holistic approach for complex health issues and a localised approach for isolated acute patient concerns when needed. She regularly uses specific home exercises to support the changes which occur from manual therapy during in clinic visits.
Blending her background in Physiotherapy with her training as a Manual Osteopath Kavneet Kaur creates a unique and individualised experience through her considerable knowledge of the field and honoured skill set.
Kavneet is comfortable treating children, adults, athletes, seniors, and in providing prenatal and postnatal support.

Kavneet Kaur's Education

In 2009, she earned her Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy in India and undertook further studies to earn her Masters in Medical-physiotherapy with a speciality in cardio-respirology in 2012.
Kavneet's training in Osteopathy was undertaken at the National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto. Her Osteopathy licence is with ACMA. Please note: Blue Cross and Canada Life do not currently cover this licence.
Her journey has seen her in variety of healthcare settings from multidisciplinary clinics to geriatric care. She also worked in a hospital setting for 4 years in India before she settled here in Canada where her experience includes working in a Chiropractic and Physiotherapy office and as an exercise co-ordinator in a care home.


English, Hindi and Punjabi

Kavneet Kaur Outside of Work

Kavneet is passionate about aid work. This inspires her to travel annually to volunteer osteopathic care and education, and spurred her to take additional course works in alternative medicine.
Apart from this Kavneet loves going to meditation camps and crafts classes, spending time with her family and playing with her son.