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Jennifer Machado Espinoza - Complete Wellbeing - Centretown Ottawa

Jennifer Machado Espinoza is kind and respectful of each person’s process. She is oriented toward empowering people to find well being on their own path, emphasizing each person’s unique priorities.

She is convinced that massage therapy helps people relieve not only structural but also mental and emotional problems, with a long-lasting effect. She believes that the client needs to be active participant in their healing. To achieve this she will recommend life style changes and exercise programs based upon the client’s individual requirements.

Her treatments are grounded and work to connect the each client to themselves.

The human body talks she says, and is a wonderful and complex universe capable of healing itself if is giving what it needs.

As a registered massage therapist and a holistic practitioner with over five years of experience as a western medical doctor back home her knowledge of the body’s anatomy and function, and what can disrupt its balance is broad.

She incorporates Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Manipulation, Myofascial Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial Release therapy, Movement therapy, Passive stretches and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

Her latest training is in Ashiatsu, an ancient Japanese therapeutic art that is based on massaging with the therapist feet. 

During her treatments Jennifer will consider her client’s levels of stress, their demanding way of life and how this is affecting their health. As a result she develops personalized treatments that can vary from soothing to a deep tissue, highly effective massage, energy healing techniques and life style changes.

She is greatly inspired by her work, considering it a means of joy and fulfillment. 


Jennifer’s Journey

Brought up in Venezuela Jennifer conformed to what society understood to be a successful life. She graduated from university, got married and had a spent more than 5 years in practice as a medical doctor.

This was a highly competitive and demanding career which contributed to very high levels of stress and started to take its toll. She developed high blood pressure and obesity.

In addition, these were incredibly difficult times in her home country of Venezuela, all of which lead her to divorce and to flee her country.


Jennifer Machado Espinoza in Canada

She saw her move to Canada as an amazing opportunity to reinvent herself. Being able to approach life in a very different way, building a simpler but more balanced and healthier life.

She found her strength. She was determined to find in her own power, the awareness and knowledge about herself. This being the only way to overcome sickness, mental distress and emotional emptiness.

Jennifer has being practicing Yoga since she was 15 years old, in moments of most distress she has found relief in it. From there her interest in a form of healing that affects the body, mind and the spirit was triggered. She promotes practices that bring peace to the soul and joy to the spirit.

Massage presented itself to Jennifer as a very valuable practice for bringing our awareness of our own inner power, for making structural changes to the body and creating emotional resilience. It provides a space and time to listen to our bodies and to be mindful in the healing process.


Jennifer’s Training

In 2005, Jennifer graduated as a medical doctor in Venezuela. Mostly her practice was focussed on people with physical disabilities.

Following her arrival in Canada she studied Massage Therapy in Ottawa. This was an enriching experience. With a wide background of treating musculoskeletal pathologies, she has developed excellent assessment skills and a deep understanding of soft tissue problems.

Her view of individual wellbeing was always too broad to focus only on the Western view of medicine. Growing up in a religious family provided her insights about life since childhood. This, along with Reiki training back home, allowed her to adopt a more holistic understanding of health.

More recently, for her own healing, enlightenment and ascension, to promote personal growth and to further her training in energy healing she is studying New Energy Consciousness at the Awakening Angels School in Cornwall.

Jennifer Machado Espinoza outside of Work

Outside of work Jennifer Machado Espinoza enjoys outdoor activities like camping and hiking, connecting with nature, yoga, and salsa dancing.