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Florian Deverriere - Complete Wellbeing - Centretown Ottawa

Florian Deverriere’s passion is to empower his clients to enjoy a life free from pain and discomfort.

He uses gentle osteopathic techniques to resolve dysfunction so allowing the body to heal.


Why Osteopathy?

As a child, Florian Deverriere was passionate about science. He was always seeking to understand how our body and mind work, and trying to find the best way to help people around him.

This led him into the medical field.

After doing some research on different complementary therapies, he decided to study osteopathy and graduated from the Paris School of Osteopathy in 2014.


Florian Deverriere and our Sedentary Life

Florian Deverriere’s final dissertation was on an area of particular interest to him; the muscular and postural consequences of our sedentary lifestyle, particularly on prolonged sitting in front of a computer.

This allowed him to develop an approach particularly suited to people working in offices and other occupations that involve long periods of sitting.

Gaming, both online and board games, is a long time passion of Florian’s, he saw the impacts of the sport on the players and the chronic pain it could create.

For several years in Europe he worked with professional gamers and teams.

Working with these professional players allowed him to learn a lot about prevention and working in a complementary team with mental performance coaches, sport psychologists and fitness coaches.

To better understand the health concerns of his clients, and in a constant search for improvement, Florian Deverriere has attended further training in sports osteopathy as well as in neurophysiology.

He believes in a rational, modern approach of osteopathy, and in treating his clients using the best tools and most up to date knowledge available.

Florian Deverriere’s training has not only been important for his professional development. It has also helped him in his personal life, helping him to get into better physical shape while staying in good health.

After obtaining his diploma, he worked for almost 4 years in France in a medical office, surrounded by a general practitioner, paediatrician, psychologist, physiotherapists and a dental surgeon.

During this period he also regularly worked with several companies, as well as attending wellness events, to educate employees on how to protect their body at work.


Florian Deverriere and Ottawa

In September 2018 Florian was employed by Dominick Hussey and made the exciting move to Ottawa, Canada.

He continues to perfect his practice in order to bring the best solutions to his clients. He strives to provide them with answers about the causes of their pain and to educate them in  ways to protect themselves.


Outside of work, Florian uses his spare time planning the next role gaming session with his friends, mastering his cooking techniques and playing some video games if he still has the time.