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Dragan Lazetic - Complete Wellbeing - Centretown Ottawa

Dragan Lazetic is a registered massage therapist who demonstrates results with each treatment. He combines massage techniques to match your body’s needs and supplements your treatments with personalized stretches and exercises.

Dragan believes that every person can achieve optimal health. It is not unusual for his clients who have lived with pain for years, to walk out after a treatment, pain free.


Dragan the Therapist

Dragan Lazetic is an honours graduate of the International Academy of Massage in Ottawa and a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

He is skilled in both Swedish and non-Swedish massage techniques, including Myofascial release, Myofascial Trigger Point release, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Pre and Post Natal massage, Joint Mobilisation and Hydrotherapy

He is a certified practitioner of Oriental acupressure from the International Academy of Applied Health and holds certificates in Thai-yoga massage, Foot Reflexology, Orthopedic massage for neck and low back, and muscle energy treatments for low back, sacrum, and pelvis.

Learning and sharing his knowledge is an ongoing passion for Dragan. He is currently studying Dalton myoskeletal alignment techniques and fascial restructuring techniques.


Dragan Lazetic Before Healthcare

Dragan has a Bachelor of Applied Military Science. Before switching to a health career, he was an air force jetfighter pilot and a fully licensed commercial pilot on single and multi-engine airplanes.

He was trained in parachuting and open water diving and was a successful track and field athlete.


Dragan loves hiking, and running. He has a bright attitude, adventurous spirit and is eternally ready for travel. Solving your health problems is his relentless inspiration.