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Claude Forrat’s Approach

Claude comes from a multi-cultural background. Her parents are French and Spanish, she grew up in Brazil, lived also in France and came to Canada in 2001 with her family.

She believes that healing is a power within all of us. Since she was a teenager she has known that she wanted to help people heal.

She believes that trust, a safe non-judgmental environment to heal with respect and empathy, as well as humility, are the keys for a successful healing process and joyful life.

She offers Psychotherapy sessions in English, French and Portuguese.

So that you and Claude can be sure that you are the right fit she offers a 45minute FREE initial session. Come and discuss your needs, determine what it is you are seeking to address and be sure that you are the right fit before committing to a full session.

Claude Forrat’s Focus

She is fascinated by learning and her approaches aim to achieve balance, gratitude, self-confidence and trust. She fosters a positive perception and use of human pain for a meaningful experience of the daily life and individual definition of happiness.

Therapy for Claude is supposed to help us transform pain in an opportunity for growth, to discover who we are and our fundamental values. To find what we want in our life and how to create a life that makes sense to us, within the picture of our own beliefs. Pain can be perceived as exactly the right teaching we need on how to become who we fundamentally are.

Claude Forrat has a diverse and eclectic approach. From CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), to Medicine Wheel, Motivational Interviewing to favour changes, feminist approach, multi-cultural approach as well as TCK (Third Culture Kids) reality.

She incorporates mindfulness, meditation and spirituality (not religion) as a powerful resource for healing, to create peace based on our own definition of happiness.

She believes we can change our patterns of behaviour, create changes and self-actualize, especially during difficult times, because she constantly witnesses it with her clients and around her.

She has an extensive experience with PTSD, depression, anxiety, co-dependency and relationships issues, suicidal ideation, spiritual development, self-esteem issues, grief and loss, solution focused therapy, mindfulness and relaxation.

Claude’s Training

Bachelor degree in Psychology - University of Ottawa

Masters degree in Counselling and Spirituality - St. Paul University / University of Ottawa

Claude Forrat Outside of Work

Claude has always been in love with Nature, children and all arts; she paints, loves sculpting, writing, interior design, beauty in all its forms and creating anything from scratch.

She is passionate about inventing new dishes, from all cultures and sometimes mixed-up with a touch of other cuisines.

Her main passion is sharing simple moments and creativity as much as possible with family, friends and new friends.

Since she was 18years old she has meditated every day. She loves contemplating Nature, where she feels entirely connected to Life, especially the Ocean.