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Christiane Gschwender believes that because we live in a fast-paced, mind ruling world most of us have lost our connection to our body. She also knows that for holistic health it is vital to get this connection back.

Listening to the body’s inner voice is so important to heal the underlying causes, not just symptomatic. 

The cause of the problem is mostly not where the symptoms are. The self-healing mechanism is so great in our bodies that once we tap into the deep relaxation state the body can work on the problems itself. Once the mind calms down, or even switches off, healing can really start. 

That is what Christiane Gschwender does in her work. She supports her clients to achieve that state so their body can start healing not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

Being connected to your inner voice and listing to your intuition is so important in life. This is Christiane’s mission.

She provides consultations in English and German.

Christiane Gschwender’s Passion

Osteopathy is not a job it is what she loves doing, her passion. Through Cranial Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy, she found herself and the connection between her own body and mind. 

She brings this understanding to her treatments for people along with their horses and dogs.

She is really excited to be back at work after almost 6 months away to give birth to her beautiful daughter. She missed her work with both people and animals. 

Throughout her career and the different courses she took, she has found the healing approach that best suits her beliefs and skills. The less pressure she used the more she felt all the layers. Also, following the fascia pull is really fascinating to her. 

Christiane’s Journey

Christiane Gschwender was born and grew up in Germany. 

After finishing High School she became a Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist and completed additional training in manual lymph drainage. Her desire to also work with animals then led her to train as an animal Osteopath. 

Finding that the Physiotherapist’s approach was not holistic enough for her she delved into Craniosacral Therapy where she found her true passion in. She applies this gentle, subtle but effective approach to her work with people and animals.

She came to Canada in 2017 and settled first in Belleville to be close to her grandmother. 

In 2018 she completed her qualification as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in Ontario and opened her practice for people and animals. 

Belleville was also where she met her partner and in early 2020 they had their baby girl. His work then brought him to Ottawa where she is now happy to be living and working.

Christiane’s hobbies

She loves to be active including yoga, volleyball, swimming, dancing (her favourite is Salsa and Bachata) and horseback riding. She also enjoys playing the piano, journaling and her time working with people and animals.