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Abrah Arneson - Registered Clinical Herbalist - Complete Wellbeing

Abrah Arneson offers a heart-centre approach to your healing journey. She uses talk, touch and herbal medicine to offer you a holistic approach to healing.

Abrah offers the breadth and depth of her experience as a herbalist and healer in a co-creative and caring atmosphere.


Abrah Arneson’s Journey as a Healer

Abrah has been practicing Clinical Herbal Medicine full time since 2003. She is a graduate of Dominion Herbal College 4-year program.

While in herb school Abrah worked in the traditional health care system as a nurse’s aide in a small hospice where she cared for the dying. She also trained as a doula and supported several women during birthing.

Abrah Arneson has a diverse range of experience working with a variety of conditions and different types of people including children and seniors. Currently, she finds many of the people she supports are struggling with chronic infections including Lyme Disease.

In addition, she has received intensive training in an integrative approach to using herbal medicine alongside mainstream cancer treatments.

Prior to her herbal medicine practice Abrah spent 8 years living in meditation retreat centres. This provided her the amazing opportunity to participate in in-depth training in meditation and Energy Work including Reiki and Shamanism.

Abrah is author of the Herbal Apprentice: Plant Medicine and The Human Body and The Herbal Apprentice Workbook.

Currently she offers an herbal apprentice program in the Gatineau Hills in Quebec. For more information on these programs contact us.


Abrah Arneson’s Approach to Treatment

Over the many years practising as a Clinical Herbalist, Abrah has learned that when we are heard and understood the possibility of wellness opens naturally. Abrah listens first and offers recommendations second.

An initial consultation with Abrah Arneson is between 90 minutes and 2 hours. During this time, she thoroughly explores your health concerns including your past medical history, family health, lifestyle choices, diet, stress levels and emotional well-being.

Towards the end of the consultation, Abrah will carry out a physical exam that is appropriate to your health concerns and comfort. This exam may include blood pressure, Iridology assessment, pulse and tongue analysis. She will spend time reading your energy body in order to help you understand the underlying causes of your illness.

In this manner, Abrah develops an overview of your well-being and health concern.

Following your initial appointment, Abrah creates a health protocol for you that includes a recommendation for plant medicine, nutritional advice, perhaps meditation or relaxation exercises and guidance for lifestyle changes specific to your health needs.

Because Abrah makes and creates individualize herbal formulas, this makes the medicine both personalized and cost-effective.