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3 Simple Exercises For Staying In Shape This Coming Winter

Winter has arrived, and even if the snow doesn’t stick around quite yet, I’m sure a lot of us realize we’re not far off from consistent cold temperatures, slippery roads, and snowy days.

Luckily in Ottawa, winter means fantastic outdoor activities and sports are just around the corner!

Whether you’re a cross-country skier, a canal-skater, a pond-hockey hero or an avid snowshoer, there is a winter activity for everyone.

Winter in Ottawa is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with some fun activities!

As an Ottawa Chiropractor, I always recommend to my clients that they ease into their winter activities.

For example, a morning or two of skiing is a great way to get those legs conditioned for the slopes before jumping into a full day of black diamonds.

As well, I’d recommend getting out for a few recreational skates before the first big ice-hockey game of the season.

A great strategy to prepare for winter activities is to perform a light warmup indoors to get your body ready for action before braving the outdoors.

Creating a quick and simple circuit that includes a lower body exercise, a core exercise, and an upper-body exercise is an efficient strategy to get our heart pumping, improve blood flow, and warm up our joints for activity.

Below is an example of a quick bodyweight circuit I recommend to my clients before starting any sports or activity.

The circuit consists of performing three rounds with 60 seconds rest between rounds and no rest between exercises.

Ex 1. Bodyweight lunge x10 reps per leg
Ex 2. Cat-camel x8 reps
Ex 3. Push-ups x10 reps

By the end of three rounds, your legs, back, and shoulders should be feeling nice and warm and ready to go.

To complete the warmup, you usually begin whichever activity you are doing at half-speed and build up the intensity as you feel ready.

We want you to have fun and stay injury-free this winter so you can enjoy your favourite activities!

I look forward to sharing more tips and strategies to keep you performing at your best in sport, work and with family.

What Do You Think?

Are you going to try the three exercises?

Do you have another exercise routine you do before your winter activities?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.